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Malaysian Umpires Newsletter : Play To The Whistle


FIH  have  recently  introduced  a  new  version  of  hockey  called



Some simple explanation on Hockey5s:


  1. Playing Roughly the size of half hockey pitch.
  2. Goals can be scored from As long as it is from the stick and not from a kick by the goalkeeper.
  3. Free hits, everybody to be 4 meters away and the ball must move 4 meters before any shot at goal is
  4. Sideboards and backboards 25 cm This option is not mandatory by the way.
  5. No penalty corner or penalty Only penalty challenge for a major foul by the defense in the 11 meters area.
  6. Only a free hit at the 11 meters line if the defense commits a minor foul inside the 11 meters


From this, we conclude it is an easy and less complicated format to play. This can be useful for age group tournaments; internal sports events for companies or organizations and other social tournaments where we can encourage more participants

Our colleague, R Anbananthan recently had the privilege of umpiring the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing. The format for the hockey event there was Hockey5s. We took the chance to get his feedback regarding the format:


PTTW: How do you feel this version of hockey will help umpires?

RA: Hockey 5s is very fast game compared to 11s and requires umpires to be more focused.


PTTW: What is your opinion regarding this format?

RA: It’s a good game but dangerous for the senior players, and for young players it a skill improving game.


PTTW: Is it a good idea to introduce hockey5s tournament in Malaysia?

RA: We should implement the hockey 5s in Malaysia for under 21 games to increase their technical, fitness and teamwork.

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